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For sensitive kids who struggle with stress and loss in their story, whether it’s from divorce, adoption, or death of a loved one… there is a greater risk for mental health challenges.

Waiting for them to ask for help isn’t enough.

It’s time to help be proactive in giving them tools to build resilience and self-acceptance.

If you've tried it all, from play therapy to sticker charts, yet still see patterns of insecurity and fear....

It's time to transform your child's MINDSET

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Children and Parents:

Services and Courses to give you tangible tools and support to equip you and your child as you build resilience and healthy connection.

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Therapists and Coaches:

Discover a system of support as you are trained in our process and enjoy sustainable growth through a proven framework.

Whether you are a therapist, coach, or parent, you need a structured plan and a proven framework for a preemptive approach to mental health that honors the whole child.

It’s time to help your child see themselves in their story as worthy and loved, so they can live with greater confidence and joy.



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1:1 Personal Consultations

Offered Online and In-person


Discover tools and support that goes beyond behavior modification and gives children the skills they need to live in confidence and joy. Services are offered online and in person.

Let me help you and/or your child:

  • Combat false shame and breakthrough limiting beliefs.

  • Embrace new ways of managing stress and anxiety.

  • Develop a sense of worthiness & belonging.


 Professional Certification

Wholehearted Kids

A 6-month Training Certification Program for those who want to change the world for children.


Discover a proven framework for sustainable growth and receive training to use the material with children, teachers, and caregivers.

Receive content, coaching, and community as you build proficiency in the strategies of the Wholehearted Kids Coaching program.